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What does a dermal filler do?

What does a dermal filler do

Dermal fillers are a cosmetic procedure that requires a few tiny injections. They are used to fill in wrinkles, address dark circles, and treat thinning lips while adding volume to the soft tissue of the face in places like the cheek, mouth, lips, around the eye, and jawline. They administer a gel that often contains hyaluronic acid.

What are dermal fillers, and how do they work? Continue reading to learn how this treatment functions and get the answers to your other frequently asked concerns about this fantastic product!

What are dermal fillers?

Subcutaneous fat and vital proteins, such as collagen and elastin, which give the face structure and make it appear youthful, plump, and bouncy, are lost by our skin as we age. Dermal fillers, fortunately, are a treatment that can assist with this.

These anti-aging injections can help restore a youthful appearance as the skin ages by eliminating wrinkles and altering facial features. Injections of dermal fillers, commonly known as fillers, can plump up hollow regions (like the cheeks), eliminate under-eye bags, and enhance features like the lips, jawline, chin, and temples.

Injectable fillers provide a way to restore or improve volume to specific regions of your face. With dermal filler injections, Revive offers Restylane, Revance, and Revanesse fillers to give you plumper lips, smoother facial lines, or lifted and contoured cheeks. A deeper look at these fillers is provided below.


Dermal fillers are produced and supplied by several companies, with Restylane being one of the leading ones. The FDA has authorized Restylane, a dermal filler mainly composed of hyaluronic acid.

Restylane is a transparent gel that can provide more volume and fullness when injected. Hyaluronic formation by the body may also be improved. Restylane and other fillers treat inevitable wrinkles and make you seem younger. This filler precisely targets the following wrinkles at the dermal layer:

  • both grin lines or nasolabial folds (the lines that form from the nose to the mouth)
  • Marionette Lines (the lines that start from the mouth to the chin)
  • your mouth’s corners as well (small wrinkles that spread out when you smile or laugh)

Restylane has a 95% satisfaction rating and a potential lifespan of over a year.


With the new dermal fillers from the Revance® RHA® Collection, smooth, youthful skin may be obtained. These cutting-edge injectable filler solutions represent the most recent advancements in flexible hyaluronic acid (HA) technology to treat deep creases and dynamic wrinkles with the best possible outcomes.

The best part is that for most patients, RHA dermal fillers can last up to 15 months before retreatment is required.


With the help of an injection called Revanesse, you may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the midface. This procedure, like most dermal fillers, is primarily meant to address age-related cosmetic issues, including volume loss. Several injectable methods may be used to temporarily reverse the effects of aging, sometimes for up to a year.

How does a dermal filler work?

Dermal fillers duplicate a naturally occurring material within your body. This sugar molecule appears naturally in practically all living creatures. Since its primary purpose is to bind water, it works as a lubricant and shock absorber in the body’s joints and other moveable components.

It is also vital for the delivery of nutrients and in controlling water balance in the skin. Dermal fillers rapidly revitalize and give face volume to the region by enhancing your skin with this naturally occurring component. It softens lines and wrinkles while creating a more natural appearance. Our gel is extremely tissue-friendly and closely mirrors what the body naturally produces.

There are several kinds of dermal filler materials, such as calcium hydroxyapatite, polymethylmethacrylate, and hyaluronic acid (some are temporary, some are longer-lasting, some are thinner, and others are thicker). In addition to filling in lines and wrinkles, several semi-permanent filler products, like Sculptra, Ellanse, and Radiesse, also encourage the body to produce collagen. These fillers often persist for more than a year.

However, hyaluronic acid fillers, including Juvéderm, Belotero, and Restylane, are the most well-liked and often used. Hyaluronic acid is a renowned skincare component generated by the body naturally and has exceptional moisturizing properties. There are several reasons why this kind of filler is popular, but the main one is that it is just temporary.

If something goes wrong, a professional with medical training can remove hyaluronic acid-based fillers using the enzyme hyaluronidase.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

What advantages do dermal fillers have that make them a popular cosmetic procedure? Let’s take a look below:

They produce natural-looking results.

Most individuals seeking cosmetic procedures share the desire for outcomes that appear natural. Nobody wants to have visible evidence of cosmetic procedures on their body. The desired natural appearance can be achieved with dermal filler injections while allowing for natural facial movements and expressions.

In contrast, treatments may cause the recipient’s facial expression to alter permanently. That’s partly due to dermal fillers’ more progressive approach of gradually enhancing certain facial regions.

The procedure is less invasive.

Dermal face fillers are a minimally invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery. This not only means that the actual procedure is less invasive than many surgical procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons but also that the treatment will be completed quicker than many more time-consuming methods.

A dermal filler operation will often last under an hour, depending on the kind, so the patient’s regular activities won’t be interfered with. The recovery period is minimal compared to the four to six weeks required by surgery.

What happens following a dermal filler procedure?

The specialist at Revive Med Aesthetics will wash your skin after injecting dermal fillers into it. To relieve pain and swelling, we could offer you an ice pack. Bruises, swelling, or soreness are possible side effects of the injections. These adverse effects often subside after a few days and are minor.

Many people who receive these injections observe benefits immediately away. However, everyone’s outcomes vary. The kind of treatment you get is one of many factors that will affect how long it takes to see effects (and how long they stay).

Have you been thinking of getting a dermal filler?

Revive Med Aesthetics focuses on offering treatments that emphasize natural beauty. We health care experts prioritize our interactions with patients and their experiences. While delivering leading outcomes, we work hard to maintain reasonable expectations.

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