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Microneedling Before and After Care Tips for Effective Results

Microneedling Before and After Care Tips for Effective Results

Microneedling is today’s modern approach to skin rejuvenation. It is an innovation to cosmetic procedures that efficiently uses a device covered with tiny and shallow needles that causes ‘micro-injuries.’ This activity prompts the skin to stimulate collagen production. This event promotes smoother, softer, and more youthful-looking skin after just 4-5 treatment sessions. You can use it effectively for several concerns, such as unwanted fine lines and deep wrinkles, undesirable scars caused by acne or surgery, skin pigmentation issues, and skin that has lost its plump, youthful appearance.

Today, let us know more about microneedling, how it works, and before and after care tips so you can have effective results from this skin treatment. Read until the end and discover if microneedling can also work for you.

What is Microneedling?

Also called percutaneous collagen induction or PCI, collagen induction therapy or CIT, microneedling is a minimally invasive skin-perfecting procedure. Microneedles create tiny skin punctures, promoting a collagen-stimulating healing process. While doing this, it activates the body’s natural healing response to recondition the skin and keep the overall structure of the skin intact. This collagen induction improves the skin by reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles, facial acne scars, skin texture and tone, superficial scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

The advantages of the microneedling treatment aid in tissue healing through the following steps:

  • Facilitates the production of blood vessels
  • Promotes cellular division and development
  • Renews collagen, ligaments, tendons, bone, fat, and skin
  • Recruits new cells to the area
  • Prevents degeneration of healthy tissues
  • Releases vital proteins to regulate inflammation

The Microneedling Treatment Procedure

At most skin clinics and med spas, practitioners use Candela’s Exceed medical microneedling system for maximum microneedling performance for skin rejuvenation. It’s the first dual-indicated FDA-approved microneedling system providing enhanced versatility for facial wrinkles and acne scar reduction. 

In a clinical study, 90% of patients saw an improvement in facial wrinkles. Most patients get four (4) treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart, resulting in firmer, youthful skin. Sometimes, additional treatments are needed for desired results.

Taking Care of Your Skin Before and After Your Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling is an extraordinarily cosmetic procedure that has been proven safe and effective. However, as with any treatment, it can be essential to take extra and special care of your skin before and after the procedure for fast recovery and the best results.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Following the proper pre-treatment instructions ensures that your treatment will go smoothly and helps minimize side effects.

Pre-Treatment Tips

  • Avoid Accutane in the six (6) months before beginning your treatment sessions.
  • Avoid blood thinning agents for one (1) week prior because bruising is a common side effect of microneedling.
  • Avoid IPL or any laser procedures, unprotected sun exposure, or sunburn for at least two (2) weeks before your procedure.
  • Do not shave on the day of your procedure to avoid any skin irritation. If dense hairs are present in the treatment area, shave the day before you arrive for your appointment.
  • Do not take in, as much as possible, anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, Motrin, or Advil for at least three (3) days before your scheduled microneedling session. These medications can interfere with the natural inflammatory process critical for skin rejuvenation.
  • Do not utilize topical agents that may increase your skin’s sensitivity, such as exfoliants, retinoids, topical antibiotics, or acids, 5-7 days before your treatment.
  • For people prone to cold sores, take an antiviral agent for two (2) days before and the day of the treatment.
  • No more waxing, depilatory creams, or electrolysis to the area being treated for 5-7 days before your microneedling treatment.  

Day of Treatment

  • Do some research before your session. Knowing what you can expect in your microneedling treatment session will make the procedure as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

What To Expect At Your Microneedling Appointment

  • Practitioners will clean your skin and free it of makeup, oil, lotion, powder, or sunscreen. You can wash your face yourself in the office upon arrival if you want.
  • During initial consultations, you should have been asked by your skincare specialist for any significant changes in your medical history and all your medications.
  • Your specialist will ask if cosmetic tattoos exist in the treatment areas.
  • 30-45 minutes before your microneedling treatment, topical lidocaine will be administered and applied to your skin.
  • As an in-office procedure, the microneedling process typically takes up to 60 minutes to complete.

Post-Treatment Instructions

As with any cosmetic skin treatment, taking care of and looking after your skin after undergoing a microneedling procedure for the best results is essential.

Post-Treatment Tips

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and sun tanning for at least two (2) weeks. After 24 hours, always wear sunblock (30 SPF or higher) and a hat if you’re outside.
  • Do not consume anti-inflammatory medications for the first week after the microneedling procedure.
  • Do not put ice over your face, and avoid using arnica or bromelain. These factors may interfere with the natural inflammatory process critical for skin rejuvenation.
  • Use painkillers, such as Tylenol, if you experience any soreness.

The Healing Process Expected After a Microneedling Treatment

Although a quick and non-invasive cosmetic procedure with minimal side effects, it is still pretty normal to experience the following after your microneedling procedure:

Day 1-3

  • A sunburn-like effect is expected. Treat your skin by gently washing it with gentle cleansers and cool water. Use only your hands to pat dry skin no earlier than four (4) hours after treatment.
  • Some redness may also be present; in some cases, patients may experience slight bruising lasting for 5-7 days and temporary swelling for 2-4 days.

Helpful Tips

  • Avoid strenuous exercises that cause sweating, jacuzzis, saunas, and steam baths for up to 48 hours after your microneedling treatment.
  • Try sleeping on your back with the head of the bed elevated to minimize swelling or pain as needed.
  • Use only mineral makeup after 24 hours.

Day 2-7

  • Peeling may begin 3-5 days after the treatment, with noticeable dryness and flaking of your skin because of an increased skin cell turnover. DO NOT attempt to pick, scratch, or scrub at treated skin!

Important Reminder: After microneedling, it is a must to allow the old skin to flake off, keeping it moisturized at all times naturally. Discuss with your skincare expert which products to use for this situation.

Day 5-7

  • Start again with your regular skin care products once your skin no longer feels irritated. Most patients have noticed continued skin improvement over the months following their last treatment.

For effective results: We recommend follow-up and repeat microneedling treatments every 4-6 weeks, with a series of 3-5 treatments depending on your personalized care plan.

Final Thoughts on Microneedling

Microneedling can be as effective as you want this treatment to be, especially in rejuvenating your skin, but success also depends on how well you take care of your skin. Talk to your trusted skincare experts and discover microneedling for yourself.

Are you now interested in experiencing microneedling? Our amazing friends at Revive Med Aesthetics can help you today. Visit them now! 

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